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The River of Life

What is Blood Cell Analysis?

Live Blood Analysis is a live imagining assessment tool where a single drop of blood from an individual’s fingertip is placed onto a slide.  From there its viewed under a high powered darkfield microscope at a magnification of over 1000 times. The image is displayed on a television monitor and is visible to both the practitioner and client, allowing them to physically see how the blood is behaving within their body and what might possibly be having a negative impact on their health.


Layered (Dry) Blood Analysis involves 'letting' eight carefully applied drops of blood onto a microscope slide. As each drop of blood dries, a natural centrifugal force of action occurs causing various toxins and elements to spin out landing into place and creating a pattern according to their weight. Each of the eight drops correspond with a more in-depth region of the body. The results amazingly depict both chronic and acute/current issues that can range from bowel inflammation/toxicity, yeast, fungal and parasitic indicators to adrenal stress and more degenerative diseases etc.  From what this test reveals, valuable information can then be provided to the patient where they can be educated on their physical and emotional state of health and what needs to be addressed so the path of healing can begin. 

The River of Life

The bloodstream is much like a flowing river transporting nutrients and oxygen in and CO2 out and constantly working to keep the blood pH balanced so health can be maintained within the body. It also plays the role of detoxification, where it brings waste to the liver and kidneys to be eliminated. Due to it's nature, the blood is able to act as a forecaster of health and indicate imbalances before real symptoms even have the chance to appear.

What is the difference between Live Blood Analysis and Conventional Testing?

Conventional blood tests involve extracting blood and sending it to a laboratory where an autopsy is basically performed.  Within 25- 30 minutes of the blood being extracted the cells begin to die, meaning its no longer in it's live and functioning state but rather a quantitative one.  From there its then altered with stains and dyes, and the components of the blood, including the red and white blood cells, can now only being measured and counted.

The Living blood test is viewed immediately after being taken, the sample is unaltered, and because the cells are living, it is a qualitative test where both the red and white cells can be seen functioning within their environment!  Importantly this allows the vitality and motility of the white cells to be observed along with what types of white cells are out and about, giving great insight to the immune system's state of health.  A Live Blood Analysis can be very accurate in indicating precursors to illness, which is why many alternative health practitioners use darkfield microscopy to observe conditions of the blood that are not visible through regular conventional testing.  

So depending on your needs, a Live Blood Analysis can be used as a compliment to a conventional blood test, a stand alone test for your own personal insight into your state of health or as a compliment to Heilkunst Homeopathy.  Working with a certified practitioner and following the recommended treatment allows one, through Live Blood Analysis, to be able to clearly track their process of detoxification, purification and healing,  essentially allowing them to watch their blood be restored back to the living river of health it is.

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