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What is Homeopathy and Heilkunst?



Homeopathy is a medical system that was created a little over 200 years ago by the father of Homeopathy, Samuel L Hahnemann.  Homeopathic medicines are naturally derived from mineral, plant and animal sources and used to treat and remove illness so the body’s own healing power can then come along and finish the process and restore health.  Homeopathic remedies are diluted until they become micro-doses –- eliminating side-effects.  Through what is called 'provings', Dr. Hahnemann discovered that when illnesses were treated with larger, more crude doses of substances an aggravation would often occur, but when a smaller more diluted dose of the same substances was used the results were a swift and gentle cure.

When translated from its original term, homeopathy means “similar suffering,” based on the principle of like cures like, known as The Law of Similars.  Meaning, the same substance that can cause symptoms in a healthy person can alleviate or remove those same symptoms in a sick person.  For example, if you drink coffee you might feel anxious, jittery or the start of a headache coming on.  If you had similar symptoms due to a stressful or anxious situation or an overactive/overstimulated brain, a homeopathic remedy such as Coffea, derived from coffee, may remove your symptoms. This is because it serves to remove the cause of the dis-ease, allowing your body to come back into homeostasis - balance.

Listed below are some of the many benefits of using Homeopathic medicines:

• There are no risks when homeopathic remedies are taken in combination with or alongside conventional drugs.
• Homeopathy is particularly useful and safe for pregnant women, babies, small children and even the elderly.
• Remedies do not suppress symptoms, but rather work with the body’s own healing abilities, ultimately strengthening and further maturing the immune system.
• One of the best points of all - homeopathic remedies produce no side effects and are non-toxic to the body.


Heil ~ whole,  kunst ~ art.

Heilkunst is a German name given by Dr. Samuel Hahnemann meaning "the whole art of healing" or "the art of remediation".   It is the complimenting piece to Homeopathy, that together, form a whole and complete medical system. 

Homeopathy is only one “part” of the remarkable Heilkunst system where homeopathic remedies are used to sequentially treat specific shocks and traumas in a person’s life (mainly drugs, surgeries, accidents but also emotional traumas). These traumas are identified by creating a “traumatic timeline” where the imprint and effect it has left is then treated (removed) in the reverse order they occurred (from most recent occurrence back to most distant in time – back to conception).

Within Heilkunst there are 3 areas that are addressed, each covering it's own jurisdiction.  But before treatment can begin, any acute diseases, ailments or present situations, meaning anything that is currently happening or recently happened, such as a recent physical injury, tonsillitis or strep throat, an emotional loss/grief event or even pregnancy or post-natal occurrences, must first be addressed.   The following "parts" are what follows with the more extensive Heilkunst treatment over and above acute Homeopathic treatment.

Therapeutic Regimen being the first examines the diet according to one's typologies, water intake to ensure proper hydration of the cells, looking at both excess and depleted vitamin and mineral imbalances so to correct and or restore and finally looking at and addressing the importance of sleep, exercise and lifestyle choices. 

Therapeutic Medicine is where homeopathic remedies (homeopathy) come in to play and are administered by a Doctor of Medical Heilkunst to address both acute and chronic disease, remove the unwanted affects of drugs & traumas one has encountered throughout their life time (known as the "traumatic timeline"), and finally to balance and strengthen the personality type commonly referred to as the "Constitution".

Therapeutic Education being the third part of Heilkunst consists of therapeutic dynamic counseling, where guidance and support are offered by the practitioner in a gentle but truthful way.  Sometime this can also include using a course of homeopathic remedies to acutely address and support the emotional mind as this part of the journey plays out.  This part of treatment further allows the patient's mind to open up so they can become free to recognize and let go of any unhealthy physical or emotional patterns and belief systems that are holding them back and keeping them from living their fullest created potential.

The Chronic Miasms ~ one of the final chapters to Heilkunst treatment

The Chronic Miasms are a key component of Heilkunst treatment and are typically treated after the traumatic timeline is completed.  The Miasms are considered the foundational soil, the root cause, where chronic diseases originate from.  They are the archetypal inherited diseases, the ones passed down from generation to generation, the underlying diseases responsible for the numerous chronic ailments and diseases experienced in many today.  They can lie silently in the background until which time they are triggered out of latency and into a more serious disease by a physical or emotional trauma. They make their presence and suffering known in the many different forms such as depression, diabetes, cancer, auto-immune diseases, psoriasis, heart disease etc.

Have you ever heard of the saying "getting to the root cause"?  It is an expression often used today.  But what is getting to the root cause really mean?  Well, for a Heilkunst Homeopathic Practitioner its meaning is -- "deep".   Because we know and understand the Chronic Miasms are our foundational soil, the hereditary aspects that bare the many chronic that can lead into the acute diseases, getting to the root means we understand and treat on a level that does not palliate or suppress but instead allows us to go down to that deep layered miasmatic root and pluck it out.

Heilkunst, being so vast and broad in it's abilities and scope of healthcare, is truly one of the most remarkably unique and effective medical systems that addresses the root of disease and restores balance to the physical and emotional mind and body.  It is a gift to be shared with all.

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